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Roses by Mail Order - Species Roses and their cultivars for 2018
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All roses in 4 litre containers with long -life compost. For collection only.

The following are £12.00 each.

Rosa macrantha 'Raubritter'
Can be used as a climber but is better as a “sprawler” Lovely globular double flowers of light pink en masse in summer. Slight scent. Good foliage 6ft+.

Rosa 'Mary Queen of Scots' (1921) This rose is probably a hybrid of Rosa spinosissima. Plum tinted grey-green buds open to fragrant deep pink small semi-double flowers with conspicuous stamens. These blooms smother the plant in late Spring. Fern-like foliage very disease resistant. Dark maroon hips in autumn. Very tough, revels in sea-side conditions. 3ft.

Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'
Lovely single large flowers of Geranium red with wonderful display of stamens. Should be used as a back of the border plant or as a specimen. 6ft.

Rosa 'Lord Penzance'
Dainty single soft yellow blooms in early summer. Both flowers and leaves are fragrant. Good hips in Autumn.

Rosa rubrifolia syn. Rosa glauca (Introduced in 1830) Bluish green leaves with deep pink single flowers in summer. Lovely purple hips later. Disease resistant. 6ft.

The following are £15.00 each.

Rosa banksiae banksiae
(Intro. 1907) This form has the double white pom-pom flowers in late Spring. Evergreen and large. Suitable for very sheltered sites only. Scented. 30ft. (Collection only)
Rosa banksiae lutea (pre 1824) Large clusters of pom-pom flowers of pale lemon in late Spring. Almost thornless evergreen. Slight scent. 30ft. (For collection only)
Rosa banksiae x macrantha
A vigorous climber with clusters of pink flowers, very similar to R. banksiae Lutea to look at. Vigorous, once flowering in late Spring to 25ft. (parentage very obscure)
Rosa brunonii (1822) Large single white blooms in summer. Greyish green leaves which are disease resistant. It will grow through trees 30ft plus.
Rosa devoniensis Known as the magnolia rose. Beautiful cream hybrid tea type flowers throughout summer. Highly scented. Requires a warm site. 15ft+.
Rosa dupontii (1817) Blooms appear early in the summer on arching canes which will cover fences, hedges and small trees. Starting with pink buds opening to white flowers. Rich fragrance. Some repeat. 12ft plus.


The following are £15.00 each.

Rosa gentilliana (1907) Large single white flowers emerge from pale pink buds with conspicuous yellow stamens. The foliage is shiny green and healthy. Distinct smell of citrus. Orange-red hips in autumn. 30ft.
Rosa helenae hybrid (1907) Large corymbs of single white flowers in id-summer. Very fragrant and vigorous. Grey-green foliage with good autumn colour and large hips. 20ft.
Rosa multiflora platyphylla aka SEVEN SISTERS (1817) Good sized healthy leaves with large double flowers which are in trusses varying from purple, lilac, pink and white. An amazing sight in summer, some scent. It needs a large site, perhaps against a warm wall. 15ft.

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