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Speciality Renaissance and Delbard Roses by Mail Order for 2018
All our Speciality Renaissance and Delbard Roses are £12.00 each.

Bareroot plants are available November - March, please contact by phone or e-mail. for postal rates.

All roses in 4 litre containers with long -life compost. For collection only.

We are sorry but we no longer stock English (David Austin) Roses.


CHLOE Large very double blooms of blushpink with a rich scent. Robust and healthy continuous flowering. 4ft.
ISABELLA aka (BELLA) Beautiful full blooms of velvety red. Scented vigorous and disease resistant. Continuous flowering 4ft.
JULIA (aka PHILLIPA) Very pale lilac/pink. Highly scentd. Repeat flowering. 4ft.
LILLIANA aka CLAIR A blend of apricot and pinks. Very fragrant, continuous flowering. 4ft.
NANCY Striking blooms of red and white. Scented and vigorous. Continuous flowering 4ft.
NAOMI Deep pink, very double blooms, well scented, repeating and vigorous. 4ft
PRINCESS ALEXANDRA Large double ruffled blooms of deep cerise pink. Wonderful perfume. Disease resistant foliage. Continuous flowering 4ft.


CHARTREUSE DE PARME Large full deep cerise flowers. Very fragrant and repeat flowering 3ft.
DOLCE VITA Deep copper/orange flowers throughout summer, slight scent. 4ft.
GUY SAVOY Semi-double almost red flowers with a white streak. Repeat flowering and a fruity fragrance. 5ft.
LA ROSE du MOLINARD Sprays of very full deep pink scented blooms. Forms a large shrub. Good disease resistance. Repeats. 6ft.
LA ROSE DE PETIT PRINCE Soft pink, almost lilac blooms with strong perfume. Repeat flowering. 4ft.
Light crimson double blooms throughout the season,scented and healthy. 4ft.

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Mail Order Speciality Renaissance and Delbard Roses

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