Old Fashioned Hybrid Perpetual Roses

Pounsley Plants, specialist in old-fashioned roses by mail-order.
We offer local pick-up from our nursery east of
Plymouth or at Plant Fairs across the south-west.

Old Fashioned Hybrid Perpectual Roses by Mail Order in 2018
All our Old Fashioned Hybrid Perpectual Roses are £12.00 each.

Bareroot plants are available November - March, please contact by phone or e-mail. for postal rates.

All roses in 4 litre containers with long -life compost. For collection only.


COMTESSE CECILE DE CHABRILLANT 1858 This rare fragrant rose bears pink double blooms with silver undersides to petals. Perpetual flowering 4ft.
DUKE OF WELLINGTON 1864 Dark red blooms of a satin effect throughout summer with a stong fragrance. Blooms will burn if planted in full sun, so should be in some shade. 4ft.
HUGH DICKSON 1905 This rose bears large red fragrant blooms throughout the summer. Very good for picking. Can be used through a tripod. 5ft+
JOHN HOPPER 1862 Bright rose pink very double flowers. Very fragrant, good repeat especially with dead heading. Bushy plant to 4ft.
MME. SCIPION COCHET 1873 This rare rose has muddled pale pink blooms with silver undersides of petals. Very fragrant. 5ft +
MRS JOHN LAING 1887 Finely shaped silvery pink blooms on an upright bushy shrub. Sweetly scented. Perpetual flowering. 4ft.
PAUL NEYRON 1869 This rose has large pink blooms throught the summer. It is tall and can be used within a tripod. It resembles a pink tree paeony when in full flush 6ft.
REINE DES VIOLETTES 1860 Violet purple muddled flowers with a button eye, Repeat flowering with good scent. Vigorous and almost thornless to 5ft.
SOUVENIR de DR. JAMAIN 1865 Rich deep crimson red blooms. Highly fragrant. Requires soil in good heart. Repeat flowering can be used as small climber 6ft+ Prefers shade.
SOUVENIR de JEANNE BALANDREAU 1899 Very large rich crimson flowers with pink and vermilion stripes. Vigorous and almost thornless, bright green foliage and scented. Repeat flowering.
Large cherry-red flowers with a good scent. Fairly small stature and of good disease resistance. Repeat flowering 3ft..
VICKS CAPRICE 1891 Lilac pink double blooms often striped white and carmine. Repeat flowering, good scent, to 4ft..

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