Old Fashioned Hybrid Musk Roses

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Old Fashioned Hybrid Musk Roses by Mail Order in 2018
All our Old Fashioned Hybrid Musk Roses are £12.00 each.

Bareroot plants are available November - March, please contact by phone or e-mail. for postal rates.

All roses in 4 litre containers with long -life compost. For collection only.


BUFF BEAUTY 1939 This rose has much to recommend. It is tough, disease resistant, scented and can be planted in some shade. Soft buff apricot blooms throughout summer. Up to 6ft if desired.
CALLISTO 1920 Deserves to be more popular, golden blooms, scented and vigorous, Up to 6ft if required. Wonderful autumn flush.
CORNELIA 1925 Small cluster of pale apricot to strawberry flushed flowers en masse. Scented repeat flowering and healthy. Can be used as small climber or covering ground to 6ft.
DAYBREAK (1918) Golden yellow blooms throughout the season. Strong scent on the almost single flowers. Good foliage 4ft.
FELICIA 1928 Strongly fragrant soft cream and pink mix. Flowers in late spring, sparsely in summer and a huge autumn flush. Healthy and easy. 5ft.
MOONLIGHT 1913 Fragrant flowers are palest yellow fading to white – almost perpetual flowering but hips are produced. Almost perpetual flowering. Good disease resistance. 6ft+.
NUR MAHAL 1923 Strong musk scent on bright crimson semi double flowers. Repeats and with good disease resistance 6ft.
PAX 1918 Bred to commemorate the end of WW1. Large creamy semi-double blooms, sweetly scented. Repeats with a special autumn flush. Healthy. Can be used as a small climber to 8ft.
PENELOPE 1924 Large arching shrub with vigorous disease free growth. Delicate light pink fading to white blooms all summer with good scent. To 6ft..
PROSPERITY (1919) Clusters of creamy white blooms from pale pink buds. Good perfume, disease resistant with a good Autumn repeat. 5ft.
ROBIN HOOD (1927) Very free flowering with simple cherry blooms with a white eye. Some scent and repeat flowering 4ft.
THISBE (1918) A lovely shrub rose. Large clusters of small flowers of a chamois leather yellow with a sweet fragrance. Flowering throughout the summer with healthy foliage, this is a rose for all gardens. 5ft.

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