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The Japanese Rose (Rosa rugosa)
All our Japanese Roses are £10.00 each.

Bareroot plants are available November - March, please contact by phone or e-mail. for postal rates.

All roses in 4 litre containers with long -life compost. For collection only.

Rosa rugosa and its hybrids are some of the best for tolerating salty conditions and poor garden soil. They particularly do not like wet feet and shade. They thrive in well drained (even sandy) conditions where the soil drains very rapidly. Ideal for hedging and encouraging pollinating insects. These named varieties are tough, disease resistant and some varieties bear double flowers. They can be pruned without fear! All have delicious scent and large red hips in late summer / autumn. 4ft.


ALBA - The white single form with good hips in Autumn 4ft
BELLE POITEVINE - Lovely paler magenta pink semi double large blooms, throughout the summer with occasional hips in autumn. Can be used to fill a large space. 5ft.
BLANC DOUBLE DE COUBERT - The double white form.
FIMBRIATA - Bunches of small pale pink to white flowers with quilled petals on a bushy shrub. Repeat flowering. 3ft.
- Beautiful silvery pink large single flowers throughout the summer with large red hips in the autumn. A stocky plant which will sucker 3ft.
HANSA - Masses of reddish violet double blooms with crinkled petals. Repeat flowering but also hips at the end of a very long flowering season 4ft+
- Semi-double shapely deep crimson flowers on a vigorous shrub. Will tolerate a little shade. Continuous flowerering 4ft.
- Peachy pink quilled blooms. Continuous flowering. 3ft/.
ROSERAIE DE L'HAY Large semi-double blooms of crimson-purple. Very strong perfume. Good healthy foliage. Excellent for a hedge. Repeat flowering. 6ft.
- Primrose yellow shiny leaves very thorny and vigorous. 4ft.

All roses in 4 litre containers with long -life compost. For collection only.

Available November - March, bareroot for postal rates please contact by phone or E-Mail.

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