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Climbing and Rambling Roses by Mail Order for 2018
All our Climbing and Rambling Roses are £15.00 each.

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All roses in 4 litre containers
with long-life compost.
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AWAKENING (1935) This is a sport of New Dawn but with double the amount of petals. Has all the same attributes, continuous flowering of silvery pink blooms, scented and vigorous 12ft.
ALISTAIR STELLA GRAY(1896) Clusters of cream fading white flowers loosely double. Sweetly scented, will tolerate some shade. 15ft.
BLUSH NOISETTE (1825) Large clusters of silvery pink small flowers. Good fragrance more or less continuous flowering. Suitable as a pillar rose or a small climber. 8ft.
BRIGHT FUTURE (2009) Bright orange double flowers, repeating throughout summer. Scented and vigorous 10ft.
CASINO (1963) One of the best yellow climbers but needs time to establish. Double quartered blooms with a strong citrus scent. Repeats well. 12ft.
CECILE BRUNNER CLIMBING (1904) A very vigorous plant. It has masses of miniature shell pink flowers throughout summer. Slight scent 20ft plus.
CELINE FORESTIER (1848) Noisette Large full quartered blooms of pale yellow with a green button eye. Strong Tea fragrance. Continuous flowering 12ft.
CLAIR JACQUIER (1888) Noisette. Buff yellow flowers fading to cream. Vigorous with few thorns, scented, repeat flowering. 20ft
CREPESCULE (1904) Noisette. Small double blooms of apricot orange. Scented with healthy foliage 12ft.
DIXIELAND LINDA (1997) Lovely apricot pink blooms throughout summer. Strong scent, vigorous, 12ft.
DUBLIN BAY (1975) Deep red blooms throughout summer with some scent. Tolerates wet weather well. 12ft.
GARDENER’S GLORY (2009) Masses of golden yellow double blooms throughout the summer. Good perfume and healthy foliage. 12ft.
GINGER SYLLABUB (2001) Creamy buds turning to apricot with gingery tones. Scented, repeat flowering. 12ft.
LADY HILLINGDON CLIMBING (1917) A lovely Tea rose which flowers freely and continuously. Long pointed buds opening to pale orange. Red tinged shoots with glossy leaves. Good scent 12ft.
MADAME ALFRED CARRIERE (1879) Cupped blooms of creamy white all summer. Takes a while to establish. Light green foliage. Tolerates some shade 12ft.
MARECHAL NEIL (1864) Lovely lemon coloured blooms on strong stems, highly scented and continuous flowering. Requires a warm site. 20ft. MASQUERADE CLIMBING (1958) Masses of semi-double blooms which open yellow, fade to salmon pink and then red. Vigorous and repeats well. 12ft.
MEG (1954) The single flowers are very large and are a pale salmon pink with wonderful conspicuous red stamens. The flowers are arranged in clusters and there is a very good autumn repeat. Good scent 12ft.
MRS HERBERT STEVENS (1922) An ideal white climbing rose with pliable stems and a repeat flowering crop of perfumed blooms. Pale green healthy foliage. 12ft.
MRS HONEY DYSON (Late 19th Century) Clusters of blush pink fading to creamy white on a vigorous and healthy plant. Repeats with a good fragrance. 12ft.
NEW DAWN (1930) One of the best. Very hardy and tough with silvery pink loosely double flowers throughout summer. Scented 10ft.
OKLAHOMA (1968) Classis hybrid tea shaped dark red flowers. Heavily scented. Good vigour. Repeat flowering. 8ft plus.
PARKDIREKTOR RIGGERS(1957) Bomb-proof red climber. Semi-double cherry red blooms with golden stamens. Vigorous with some scent, repeat flowering with large red hips in autumn. 10ft plus.
PARK’S YELLOW TEA-SCENTED CHINA (Intro. 1824) Considered to be a hybrid between Rosa gigantean and another wild rose. It is a short grower bearing straw yellow double loose flowers. Tea scented with a good repeat. 8ft.
PERENNIAL BLUE (2004) Clusters of deep lilac small double flowers. Repeats, scented and healthy. 10ft.
PERPETUALLY YOURS (1998) Creamy yellow double flowers throughout summer, Scented. 10ft.
SCENT FROM HEAVEN (2017) Rose of the year 2017, Dark orange double blooms, strong perfume, healthy, 10ft.
SOLDIER BOY (1953) Clusters of bright scarlet single flowers with striking yellow stamens. Repeats, with some scent and healthy foliage. 10ft.
SOMBRIEUL (1850) An old Tea climber. Classic muddled shape with a good scent. Starts white to cream then blush pink. Repeat flowering. Requires a warm sheltered site. 12ft.
SOUVENIR DE MME. LEONIE VIENNOT (1897) This rose is a tea type. Very vigorous and will climb into trees. Salmon pink with coppery shades fading to yellow. Scented, 20ft.
TIMES PAST (2002) Medium pink flowers with an old-fashioned look and good fragrance. Repeat flowering, 10ft.
TRADITION (1995) Cherry red large flowers throughout summer. Healthy and with some scent. 12ft.
WHITE CLOUD (1993) Lovely pink buds opening to large white blooms, good scent repeating through summer. 10ft.
ZEPHERINE DROUHIN (1868) Sweetly scented, repeat flowering, requiring some care but worth it for its lovely deep pink blooms, 10ft.

N.B. Unless specifically mentioned, rambling roses are once-flowering in summer.

ADELAIDE D’ORLEANS (1826) Masses of rosy pink buds opening white. Delicate primrose scent. Very disease resistant. 12ft.
AGLAIA (1896) This rose although technically once-flowering can flower from March on and off to its peak in mid-summer. Easy and vigorous and very suitable to cover unsightly sheds etc. Scented pale yellow flowers fading to white, 30ft.
APPLE BLOSSOM (1932) Masses of pink and white small blooms. Scented and vigorous, 20ft.
AYRSHIRE SPLENDENS (1835) A rose for the naturalistic look, a hybrid of Rosa arvensis. Loose white blooms fading pink. Healthy and vigorous. Wonderful perfume, 20ft.
BALTIMORE BELLE (1843) Small flowers of palest blush in late summer. Very floriferous, tough and healthy. 12ft.
BELVEDERE (1829) Trusses of small pale double blooms over a long period. Wondering, long pliable canes suitable for climbing trees. Little scent, 25ft. Can be used to climb trees.
BLOOMFIELD COURAGE (1925) Small single dark velvety red blossoms on a vigorous healthy plant. Long pliable canes suitable for climbing trees. Little scent, 25ft.
BLUSHING LUCY (1938) Unusually for a rambler, this rose flowers on and off throughout the summer. Large clusters of semi-double light pink flowers. Glossy foliage, scented, 12ft.
BLUSH RAMBLER (1903) An almost thornless variety with light green leaves. Small cupped flowers which are in light pink clusters. There is a light scent. Another variety best grown into trees or hedgerows. 20ft.
DEBUTANTE (1904) A wichuriana hybrid of good vigour and disease resistance. Pink clusters of small flowers on long canes. Strong apple-like fragrance. 15ft.
DOROTHY PERKINS (1901) Classic variety. Small flowers in clusters, double rose pink. Vigorous and with a scent. 20ft.
DORTMUND (1955) This rose can also be classified as a climber. Large single cherry red blooms with a white eye. Vigorous with dark green glossy foliage. Can be grown in some shade. Scented with a small repeat, 8ft.
EASLEA’S GOLDEN RAMBLER (1932) Rich yellow flowers fading to cream. Good dark green foliage and scented. 15ft. FRANCIS E. LESTER (1946) Clusters of single white flowers with pink edges. Vigorous and healthy, with plentiful orange hips in the autumn. Strongly scented, 18ft.
FRANCOIS JURANVILLE (1906) Fully double small muddled blooms of salmon rose. Thin pliable stems make it easy to train through hedges or trees. Apple-like fragrance with a long flowering period. 25ft.
GARDENIA (1899) A stunning display of yellow to cream massed small sprays throughout summer. Another good one for growing through trees. 20ft.
GHISLAINE DE FELIGONDE(1916) Clusters of small yellow flowers fading to white with peachy shades. Vigorous, scented and a small repeat. 15ft.
LAURE DAVOUST (1834) Masses of small peachy pink flowers in summer. Fragrant with few prickles. 15ft.
LILAC BOUQUET (2017) Masses of lilac pink flowers on an almost thornless cane. Repeats well. 12ft.
LYKKEFUND (1930) Huge trusses of semi-double creamy yellow flowers fading to white. Very fragrant. Bronze tinted foliage. 18ft.
MADAME ALICE GARNIER (1906) Many clusters of bright rose-pink loosely double flowers. Long pliable canes with healthy small green leaves. Apple-like fragrance. Does well in poor soils and tolerates some shade. 15ft.
NARROW WATERS (1883) Clusters of semi-double lilac pink flowers with a good scent. Very healthy foliage, tolerates wet weather well. Vigorous and repeat flowering. 10ft.
PAUL’S HIMALAYAN MUSK(1916) This rose is for a large tree! Highly scented and has a long flowering period in good summers. Masses of pale pink small flowers with disease resistant foliage. 30ft.
PAUL TRANSON (1900) Bright coppery pink flowers, double with a lovely shape. Good scent and there is recurrent flowering the autumn after a good summer. 15ft.
PHYLLIS BIDE (1923) A shorter variety which does repeat flower. Clusters of pink buds opening to primrose yellow and cream. Light green foliage. Fragrant, 10ft.
RAMBLING ROSIE (2006) Clusters of dark red double blooms. Very healthy, vigorous and disease resistant. 12ft.
THE GARLAND (1835) Trusses of pinkish cream small flowers in mid-summer. Light scent, vigorous and healthy. Good for covering unsightly objects. 20ft.
TRIER (1904) A shorter rambler with cream semi-double flowers from apricot buds. Very fragrant, repeat flowering. 10ft.
VEILCHENBLAU (1909) Vigorous and almost thornless with fragrant small flowers of violet streaked with white. Will tolerate some shade. 15ft.
VIOLETTE (1921) The flowers have two rows of deep violet petals with conspicuous yellow stamens. Vigorous and almost thornless has some scent and will tolerate a little shade. 15ft.
WILLIAM TYNDALE (?) Single blooms of pinkish lilac fading to mauve. Very strong grower for difficult situations. Slight scent. 20ft.

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